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    Oct 2001

    Poor Communication

    Almost 24hrs. ago I reported a post that I thought broke the posting rules in Off Topic and TRL. In 24hrs. I have not seen anything done, not even a pm from anyone saying what the status is. I`ve seen 18 mods, 2 super mods, and an admin sign on just today alone. But yet no responce. I now can understand BWM`s frustration on the lack of communication around here. Is there not a way to assign someone just to let members know that their reports are being reviewed? That way members don`t feel like they are being ignored, and don`t count in this community.

    Thanks for your time.


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    Apr 2002
    Akron, Ohio

    Re: Poor Communication

    super moderators and administrators do not get notifications of reported posts unless a forum is not moderated. since off topic and tlr are moderated, the moderators are our first line of defense and we do not over step their authority unless absolutely necessary.

    with that said, most situations are just not serious enough to demand an immediate response (especially when spam or pimping is being considered). it has been procedure (with good reasons and results) that situations are weighed and discussed amongst co-mods (as most forums tend to have more than one) before a decision is made and action taken. this ensures all co-mods are on the same page and all angles are looked at. just because a response isnt made right away, or a report isnt handled right away, does not mean we are ignoring a situation.

    there is the rare exception where situations are extreme and call for more immediate action...and even then, the situation is carefully considered before action is taken.

    again i apologize if you feel your report has not been handled to your satisfaction. we do our best with the resources we have. i assure you that each and every member we have is valued and they do, in fact, count in this community.

    your suggestion will be considered. in the mean time, perhaps a quick PM to one of the moderators of the forum where you made your report, inquiring about the report you made, can be made.

    please keep in mind though that specific actions a staff member takes here does not always have to be explained.

    thank you for your suggestion, concern and understanding.
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    Oct 2001

    Re: Poor Communication

    Thanks for the quick response Wise.

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