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    Nov 2004

    Help me design an ATI Machine from the ground up

    I see that our position is dropping rapidly, at least my 295's are finally producing since the move back to XP to avoid the constant crashes, RAC is now over 132,000.

    I was planning on getting a pair of 5850's but I have gained access to more money from my trust than I thought I would, and I want to build a whole new system, but I have not been well lately and as a result have not kept up with my hardware research and am not clear on what is available and what is proven to be reliable.

    My only request is that it include some sort of Audio Card, and if it could run a GTX 260 as well that would be a bonus.

    Now for the number we have to work with. $3000 Canadian and that is pretax, I could go $3200 if there was sufficient reason.

    I noticed that the new Killer Ati Cards are also already out in OC versions and I even saw a Black Edition for $800 reg is around $700. I will likely get a pair of these but which ones.

    Let's see what we can put together and remember Crunching is Key.

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    Nov 2001

    Re: Help me design an ATI Machine from the ground up

    My suggestion would be to not to pay the extra money on the OC video cards if there is a big price difference. With ATI cards it's incredibly easy to over clock them with it being built into the driver as long as there is proper cooling of course.

    Are you wanting to just crunch with gpus or would you also want a cpu that could handle some work?

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    Nov 2002
    In bed with one of my avatar AMD girls :D

    Re: Help me design an ATI Machine from the ground up

    Im just curious.

    You say you moved back to XP.

    From what?

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