Hey guys,

Looks like my Altec Lansing headset is finally taking a dump. The wire going to the right earphone is finally giving out and cuts in and out. I'm getting ready to go shopping for some headphones, but unfortunately I know Walmart has a limited in-store selection as opposed to their online selection. If I'm going to be resorted to ordering online, I want something that you guys think is going to do well!

Sound is a plus, I definitely want to be able to hear things coming as best as I could. I already know 5.1 is a gimmick so I'm not too worried about that.

Comfort is also key, especially for those long gaming sessions. The altecs weren't bad, however sometimes after long sessions the cartilage on my ears would begin to be sensitive to touch and be sore. If I could get full headphones that completely cover the ear, I might try them... but anything that is known comfortable is good.

Decent mic: Don't like crappy quality, something that I don't have to up the DB to the max just so people can hear me... but then again I know that differs based on ventrilo codecs and windows (Windows Vista x64 atm, Windows 7 soon).

In-line volume control w/ mute for mic would be nice too!

I haven't checked out Best Buy or anything yet, but what do you guys think would be great that would be preferably under $65 / $60 if I can help it!