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    Nov 2009

    Re: My First Gaming Machine - Advice?

    Quote Originally Posted by game4ever View Post
    Synthetic benchmarks mostly. For office use, multi media use and gaming triple channel offers little to no performance benefit over dual channel.

    Its Intel's marketing team doing what they do, increasing sales.

    performance gains overall
    may be overkill for gaming but so is an i-7 truth be told

    i know if i was buying an i-7 setup i would use tripple(not with his MB of course), just one less thing you wont need to upgrade a few years down the road

    but then again, i'm no hero and have limited pc knowledge
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    Jan 2010

    Re: My First Gaming Machine - Advice?

    What's all this talk about "hero?" It has nothing to do with this conversation.

    The i7 920 cpu's main asset is their ability to utilize both pciE slots at a full 16X. This is the strength of the X58 chipset.

    The P55 chipset has lower TDP processors, and TURBO mode which automatically increases the cpu's speed dependent on the actual number of cores needed to run a given app or game. An extra 660+ Mhz is provided using a single core.

    TRIPLE channel vs DUAL channel primarily is an asset when running synthetic benchmarks.

    TRIPLE vs DUAL memory--->
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