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    Feb 2010

    Dual Lan connection uses

    I am looking to build a computer for my brother that will house all of his dvds ( i am doing this because he is handicap and the shuffling around of dvds usually results in them being destoryed) At the same time i am looking at purchasing and HD media player that could be put in his room that connects to his tv and to the LAN and plays any media on the network. I have notice that more and more motherboards are having dual gigabit lan network ports. I was wondering if i were to build a computer with a dual lan port, can i use one port to connect to the network and other to connect the HD media device directly to the computer.
    I have never done anything like this and have just started shopping around and researching different types of software and hardware. Any ideas or recommendations would help.


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    May 2002

    Re: Dual Lan connection uses

    That entirely depends on what the "HD media device" is. If it can connect to a local network and utilize Windows file sharing (many can) then you could certainly play media off your computer. Can you be more specific on what device you're using?
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    Jul 2003

    Re: Dual Lan connection uses

    It would probably be more practical just to hook the media player up to the LAN rather than to the PC's second NIC. Maybe a NAS would be a good option. Basically just a networked storage drive. Failing that, many of the media players can accommodate USB or eSATA drives. So you could use external drives to store the movies.

    As far as using the LAN, it'd be best to have a decent gigabit switch that supports jumbo frames to make sure it can handle high bandwidth. Sure the playback bandwidth even for full HD movies is less than that of Fast Ethernet, but if you decide you want to be able to copy media files back and forth, a decent gigabit switch is the way to go.

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