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    Thumbs up The lean mean green HTPC Watercooling Project |Worklog + Opinion Requests|

    Okay so one of my HTPCs (HTPC 2 in my sig) is a bit hot of a PC tbh. It works okay but the temps tend to scare me. Heck it gets so hot on the back of it I feel as if it is going to set my tv stand on fire when I am running 1080p content. It is fairly quiet right now though. The loudest thing in it is the hard drive. Everything else sits around 20DB. I certainly don't want it any louder than it is.

    I am considering watercooling the CPU and the graphics card.

    Problems/questions with this are:
    -I have never done watercooling before ever and trying to figure out what I need and what is best has me overwhelmed.
    -It's a custom micro-atx case. It is built to be as small as possible while housing all the electronics inside. Therefore I am not sure where the radiator is going to go or how it will be mounted etc. I have one of those fans that goes in an expansion slot is there a radiator that can be mounted that way?
    -Is the radiator fan going to be louder than 20db?
    -Will this drop temps enough to be worth it?
    -How much would I probably be spending total?

    Thanks for any replies/help!
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