PROJECT REVIVED! Lol. About to move soon and realised I had this project sitting a box never completed because of me getting fed up with it not posting and all that shit.

So what ive done is take the whole thing apart and started cleaning and testing all the parts. I took the memory, psu, video card, processor, and motherboard (and battery from it) out and cleaned the crap out of it with water and alcohol.

I tested the video card and processor last night and they both still work so thats cool. The motherboard, psu and memory I let dry for longer to be on the safe side.

I've also given up on painting and deceded to take it to the next level.. professional level. I've got a friend who does bodywork and hes going to sandblast it and paint it up all nice with black car paint and clear coat So its gonna look proper good.

I've also decided that the graphics are a bit lacking now (250 gts) so I picked up a msi 550ti to replace it. Can use the same waterblock so im good to go on that. The best part about this is that the other card was about 9" and left me almost no room to fit in the watercooling loop. This one is only 8" so I should have more room to work with in there.

Pretty excited to finally get back to finishing this thing.