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    Feb 2004
    Janesville, Wi

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 - Name/Stats thread

    With the recent release of this game, I thought I'd put a place for all of the [FF] Members or forum members in general; to share in game names. That way we can add each other with the in game friends list.

    BF:BC2 Player Stats

    PCPER Name                  BF:BC2 Name
    mmettin                     mmettin
    Zetachi                     Zeta_Chi
    Lenny                       Lenny42
    Activate: AMD               Ohenn
    amd5150                     amd5150
    AMD Fanatic                 CICHLID
    Brandito                    Brandito
    Buu                         AwesomeFresh42
    COMPn00b09                  Capt. (note the ending period)
    DeMedici                    DeMedici 
    frogmeat69                  frogmeat
    GeForceFX                   GeForceFX
    Keven                       KevinTFTS
    Krychek57                   krychek57
    leroy329                    zman_777
    Insanatrix                  Insanatrix
    PerfectShot                 Perfect Shot
    Primus2112                  Primus2112
    shazam                      slim pickens
    StillFunkyB                 StillFunkyB
    tjdehya                     TJ-dehya
    tlemaste                    Kernal_Tom
    wolf420                     w01f420
    Zen00                       Zen00
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