Hello all, I'm currently having some fun trying to squeeze out a few more hundred 3dmarks in 06 to get 20,000.

I'm using AMD Overdrive to get access in windows to the CPU and FSB. I'm basically using CPU multi, with 200-208 FSB to get my speed. Overdrive and CPU-Z are reporting the overclock, but all my other programs are reporting it as what I have it set to in BIOS. Right now I'm getting about 3.43 Ghz with a cpu multi OC from BIOS. Memory is 533, FSB 200. All voltage stock. Runs smooth 24/7.

Right now according to AMD Overdrive I'm at 18x200= 3600, reported as 3618 mhz in Overdrive and CPU-Z. 3Dmark06 when scanning system reports it at 3.4 Ghz, regardless of my OC. All programs report stock 1.35v as well, whereas CPU-Z and Overdrive show 1.3875v.

I'm just curious, I assume that Sandra, and 3dmark06 are taking the original BIOS settings when it first booted to windows or something and is reporting that not seeing the changes I made with Overdrive? My 3dmark scores are increasing but I'm also OC'ing my 5850, so that could potentially be it as well, although I went from 850/1200 to 905/1210 1.13v 85% fan and went from 19200k to 19600k in 3Dmark06, but I upped my cpu from 3.5 Ghz to 3.6 Ghz as well.

I just want to make sure this program is actually OC'ing, and increasing the voltage and that Overdrive isn't just making it up, but then CPU-Z would be lying too, but either way two programs see 3.43 Ghz all the time, others show the OC speeds. I just want to know I'm OCing. Now that I think about it, I should just OC to these speeds from BIOS and check all programs again. Damn. Oh well I already typed all this. Submit. Click