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    Oct 2009

    First attempt at overclocking a complete success!

    It is running completely stable at 4.0GHz with HT enabled, prime95 gets the temps up to 74-76 C. With HT disabled it happily runs at 4.2 in the high 60s but I have to set dram voltage to 1.7. There are to many conflicting opinions on line if this will toast a CPU or not so I have erred on the side of caution and set it to 1.65 and brought it back down to 4.1GHz. I don't know if I got lucky with the memory as in my ignorance when building the system I bought OCZ Reaper memory that is supposed to run at 1.9 volts. By all accounts that I have been able to find running a core i7 with that much juice to the dram will kill the CPU in a short amount of time.

    The biggest surprise that came out of this project is the fact that tests like SuperPi run slightly faster with HT disabled.

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    Aug 2000

    Re: First attempt at overclocking a complete success!

    Good work - well done.


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