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Seeing all of the sucker Muslim apologists here defend this action makes me want to puke. Go ahead and keep on defending a cult which treats women worse than dogs, squashes free speech at every turn, KILLS anyone that even shows a f-ing picture of Mohamed in any media, stands silently while certain cult members use Islam to satisfy their desire to kill for whatever cause they can come up with this week, infiltrates every free country they can and then demand laws be changed to make that country more Islam friendly (ie remove freedom of press by killing anyone with an even seemingly anti-Islam POV), etc.

You apologists are complete FOOLS! Does it even cross your mind that in a Muslim country this type of open sharing of information is not allowed? Do you really think Muslims would be just fine if Christians announced they wanted to build a huge church right in the center of Kabul? If it did get built, how long do you think it would last before the inevitable suicide bombing? The ironic thing is that this new mosque will be THE safest building in all of NYC. I wonder why that is? It is SO disappointing to see citizens of a country that stands for freedom defending a religion that is the polar opposite and seeks to destroy it.
So, do you want to live in a country with freedom of religion or in e.g. Kabul?