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    Mar 2010

    Question on MATX cases and Cpu sinks

    Hey guys hoping i might be able to get some good advice/input with a MATX build I'm making for myself over the summer.
    So I'm wanting to use 1 of these 3 cases;
    IN WIN Dragon Slayer
    NZXT Vulcan

    I'd like to use the Silverstone the most, looks cool, full metal, fits any size PSU, fits up to a 5830 GPU (i think, case spec page says it can have up to a 10.5 inch card), very small etc. but the thing is, the PSU sits right above the Cpu, limiting the size of the heat sink to no more then 82mm in height (Source, As i am wanting to use the new ASUS Rampage III GENE mobo ( with a i7 930 I'd like to be doing some overclocking, and if I'm correct a heat sink under 82mm wouldn't be very helpful. So here's where it gets interesting...
    Bout 2 months ago I was at a Lan party at the intel campus south of Seattle and won a CooliT closed loop cpu cooler ( the system requires a 120mm fan port to moun the fan/radiator and i would like to use it in my build, so in the silverstone case there are spots for 2 120mm fans at the front of the case, and I was wondering if anybody knew if i would be able to get the tubes on the cpu sink over my memory sticks and make it to the front of the case (I'd be using noctua fans and a couple PCI slot fans to keep air moving so i don't think that would be a problem)

    So if using the silverstone case doesn't work out then my next choice would the IN WIN dragon slayer, becuase it looks awesome, fits any size GPU, usb 3.0 ports on the front, etc. So the problem with this case is that the back fan port is 90mm so a no go for the Coolit system fitting there. But, there is a 140mm port just above the cpu on the top, so i was wondering if there are any good 140mm to 120mm adapters of any sort on the market, what i'd do would be sandwich the radiator between the 120mm it came with and a noctua 140mm.

    and finally as a last resort case, the NZXT Vulcan, there are 2 120mm ports on the top, but it looks a little cramped around them and i was wondering if anybody had ANY idea if a radiator could fit up in there.

    In advance thank you so much for reading and/or helping me with my conundrum .

    P.S. here's a link to the build, currently with the dragon slayer case and corresponding fans (

    P.P.S. can you fit a 92mm fan on a 90mm fan port?

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    Mar 2003
    Central Virginia, USA

    Re: Question on MATX cases and Cpu sinks

    Starting at the bottom....a 90mm is really a 92 as I used to make that error all the time because of thinking 80mm < 90mm.

    I built a relative to the SG04 (SG03) and honestly think there will be real issues with the coolant lines & Rad working on the top 120 (forget the bottom as the GPU will be right on top of that one.

    If you'd like this is the link to my long winded worklog using the SG03......

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    Mar 2010

    Re: Question on MATX cases and Cpu sinks

    Thanks for the info, so i guess i'll have to go with the dragon slayer case, just have to find a 140mm to 120mm fan port adapter.

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