The reason I've shut my boxes down is both cost of running them and excess heat in summer. Plus my machines are fairly busy with work stuff right now, have been for a few months.

I applaud Windrunner's trying to get some ideas to increase our teams here at PCPer. Frankly after reading some of the replies I don't know why anyone would consider joining. Lighten up, he's trying to help.

However, if I donate money it's going to be towards my own electric bill. Just the way it is. I've donated hardware in the past. Supplemented some systems Ryan gave away to Boinc team with some Raptors. And what happened? Some people got pissed they didn't get a drive... you just can't win.

That said, I'd be willing willing to put some older hardware into a pool for donations. IF other team members got involved, and one of our moderators (or some other trusty soul) wanted to take responsibility for distribution. Not sure what else I can offer.

Folding or running Boinc is a personal decision to help what one feels is a worthy project. I think it's hard to lure new members, but I'd be interested in trying.