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    Jun 2003

    Need case advice

    hi guys. I haven't posted in awhile but I need some help.

    I currently have an antec p180 I think its rev B of it. However its getting quite old and I bought it when I still had a single core cpu. I now have a quad core with crossfire 5850s. I think I've out grown the case and looking foward to next year I plan on rebuilding around amd's new bulldozer chips. So I figure one way to spread the costs out would be to look into a new case today.

    I want t spend less than $150. The cheaper the better. However I want a good case. Where should I go from a p180 ? i wont watercool anymore , i might get one of the closed loop h70 set up but thats about as far as I will go back into water cooling.

    whats your advice guys. I'm starting to see systems with multipe 200mm fans and some 140mm fans.

    How is the element G from thermaltake. Looks to be a cooling beast ?
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    Jun 2010

    Re: Need case advice


    I am also looking for a case to upgrade put a new build into. I am currently using an antec 900 se case which has a great amount of air flow, 120mm and 200mm out put fans plus 2 120mm intake fans. In general I like this case except for these 4 things

    1. cant turn the led's off easily. Blue is my favorite color but not having a switch to turn the lights off is driving me crazy

    2. Fans don't have any filters on them. I seem to be getting dust on my nice clear side panel.

    3. Their isn't enough holes around the MoBo to accommodate the power management I wanted to do

    4. The hole for putting the bracket on the back of the MoBo for the cpu fan was just a bit small and wrong shaped for my msi board. I could only get to 2 of the 4 holes when the board was mounted onto the case.

    Like I said I am currently also shopping and poking around at cases and I'm sorry to be boring but currently I'm leaning towards these 4 cases

    Antec p193
    with sound dampening and lots of room for hd
    and more fans lots of holes for power cables but no
    cutout for cpu back-plate mounting

    corsair 700d
    Giant case lots of fans and cable management options
    a little over your budget right now at amazon 179.99
    after rebate and w/free shipping

    silverstone raven 2
    90 degree mounted MB on the left side but only 3 hd
    slots giant window on side of case

    antec p183
    the antec p193's little brother less fans and less money

    I am kind of leaning to the p193 and the corsair for what I want.

    What are you looking for in a case besides cooling?

    If you cant get down to a local store that has cases for you to look at feel and touch check out 3dgameman on youtube his reviews are a little repetitive but he has every computer case reviewed already that I have tried to look at.


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    Jun 2003

    Re: Need case advice

    Thanks for the response.

    1)The antec looks pretty good but is very expensive, with shipping i'm going to spend close to $200. I like the side panel cooling for the gpu and cpu. I feel like the gpus in my case do not have enough air flow. The p180 didn't have enough air intake i thin.

    2)corsair 700d looks okay. No side fan for the gpus puts it out of my thought process. I play around with eyeinfinty and when sw tor comes out in the spring I will buy two of whatever the fastet cards are at that point in time (mabye 3 if i need the power) Its also over $200

    3)silverstone raven 2. It looks interesting. You have 3 large fans on the bottom bringing air across everything. But it seems to me that the first fan under the drive bays is kinda wasted as the drives will block the air flow.

    4)the p183 seems the same as the p180

    I'm looking more at the element G as time goes on and its big brother the v

    The v has

    120mm Fans 1 x 120mm Colorshift Front fan(intake)
    1 x 120mm Turbo Front fan(intake)
    1 x 120mm Turbo Rear fan(exhaust)
    200mm Fans 1 x 200mm silent Colorshift Top fan(exhaust)
    230mm Fans Plug & Play 1 x 230mm Colorshift Side fan(intake)

    Seems to me it be pretty quiet and move alot of air.

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    Jun 2010

    Re: Need case advice


    The v seems like a nice case. I would suggest that unless you are thinking that this computer is going to get beat up and thrown around a lot you spend the extra money on exactly the case you want.

    The computer case you mentioned I found a best price of 144.46 +18.68= 163.14. the p193 is 184 w/ free shipping from amazon

    20 bucks for the "better" to me case seems like a no brainer when this computer sounds like its going to be with you for the long haul and you are spending a ton on cards in the future... I thought the whole point of this was to spread the costs out and get exactly the best parts for what you want to do.

    Unlike cars, houses, and women you can get any computer case you want even the to me outrageous priced thermaltake level 10 is not out of your price range when you said you are getting 2 or 3 cards that are going to be how much each? Plus a good board and proc and power supply and hd's? and all of those are going to wear out break down and get replaced eventually this case could be theoretically Fooooor eeeev eeeeerrrr.

    Ask yourself what case do I really want and what do I really want it to do? Then go from there.

    In closing to put this into terms I know (tv's and home theater) When you buy a 65" LCD TV $3500 you don't go and play the sound thru a $300 Home Theater package. And you definitely don't want to prop the TV on some milk crates you found in the alley. This is all a system and you should probably have some balance between the parts

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    Jun 2003

    Re: Need case advice

    I play my 65 inch 3d led tv through ipod head phones :-)

    Your right. I just don't know if the p193 is the right case. There is a ton of stuff out there.

    Has anyone done a review of the nzxt phantom ?

    Looks to be a beast for air cooling.

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    Oct 2003
    Edmonton, Alberta

    Re: Need case advice

    The CoolerMaster HAF932, HAF-X and the Antec 1200 are a little more than you wanted to spend, but not much.

    They all have great airflow and plenty of room for cable management.

    Good Luck with what ever case you buy.....
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