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    Aug 2010

    New Video Editing Machine

    Hi all,

    I do occasional video editing ... nothing heavyweight. Using Videowave which is part of Roxio Easy Media Center 10 Suite, then outputing to DVD.

    I would like to buy or build a faster computer than the one I have, but I don't believe I need the newest and fastest video cards.

    What factors should I be considering? CPU, GPU, hard drive transfer speeds?
    Which are the most important factors to consider?

    Does the GPU factor into rendering, or is that all CPU?

    Currently running an AMD Athlon 64 X2 5050E (dual core, 2.6 Ghz) with 4 GB DDR2@ 373 Mhz and onboard graphics (ATI RAdeon HD 3200 built into a ASUS M3A78 motherboard)

    The setup I have is fine for what I normally do, just too slow for video editing.

    Price should be under $1000.

    I just don't want to buy any high end stuff which is not going to improve rendering speeds.

    Would the midrange build on the Leaderboard be overkill or just right? How about the Budget build?

    Thanks for any advice.


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    Dec 2000
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    Re: New Video Editing Machine

    Hey John, welcome to the PCPer forums!

    You don't have to worry about dropping a lot of coin on a video card, AFAIK, it will do absolutely nothing for your rendering speed.

    I edit movies on a Core 2 Duo E8500 oc'ed to the 3.8-4.0Ghz area. I use Corel Video Studio Pro X2. I don't even know if it makes use of the second core! Likewise for Videowave - I just don't know. I'd be kinda surprised and impressed if they did.

    Even on my rig, video segments stutter sometimes within the Corel editor when viewed. They have a proxy option to do a quick, cheesy rendering to view clips in the editor - almost like they expect the video to stutter!

    I'd suggest that you probably go the i5 or i7 route simply so you're buying something modern and maybe an SSD to speed up the process too.

    Like me, you're not using high-end software so a large hardware budget may not be warranted. My gut tells me that, in my case, there may be shortcomings in the software (Video Studio Pro X2) that might make a very high-end rig a waste of money.

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    Aug 2010

    Re: New Video Editing Machine


    I've had 186 "Views" of my post, and you're the first one to answer it. I suppose the other 185 people are looking for the answer, too!

    I'm sure you're correct about the graphics card (GPU) not being a factor, I probably was thinking back to my old OpenGL days with Newtek's Lightwave.

    Yes, Videowave actually uses both cores of this Athlon 64 X2, so I think I'll take your excellent advice and upgrade to i5.



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