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    Mar 2010

    Dual Monitor setup with GTX 460

    I haven't used an Nvidia card since my 6800 back in the day, my question is, how do I setup my GTX 460 for a similar dual monitor configuration as the one I set my Radeon 5770 to. With my 5770, I basically setup and Eyefinity profile for both my monitors, and it looked at them as one essentially. I used this as my background:

    It had Raynor on one screen and a fluid transition into the Starcraft 2 logo on the other, my Windows taskbar also extended across both monitors, whereas, right now It only shows the Raynor part of the background on both monitors, and the taskbar on one of them (My primary).

    Any advice on how I can fix this? I have Windows 7 Pro, and a GTX 460.
    Salt Lake City, UT

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    Feb 2014

    Re: Dual Monitor setup with GTX 460

    I would appreciate immensely if the guys from PCPER could take this question to Nvidia.
    Because its been a long time since requests started and nothing.

    The reasons for a dual monitor span vary among users but there is clearly demand for it.
    The particular reason why I need dual monitors is for stereo 3d with side by side plus prism glasses.
    Ive already tested it with windowed mode and it works wonders.

    Even nVidia knowing about the issue from the community, nothing has changed:

    Please PCPerspective help to make it happen!

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