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    Re: Anyone still using Peltier's?

    Quote Originally Posted by Meridian View Post
    I have, er, access, to a recirculating chiller from work (they haven't used it for ten years). It can circulate water/antifreeze down to around -35oC.It was always the condensation angle which put me off using it (and the electricity bill).

    The condensation isn't a huge deal if you're careful. Just coat everything in dielectric grease and you're good to go. Of course, it makes reselling your equipment a lot harder..

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    Re: Anyone still using Peltier's?

    Greasing up everything is the reason im afraid to go phase or pelt.

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    Re: Anyone still using Peltier's?

    I used to use a pelt with my Pentium_D 945 D0 stepping in a P5N32 SLI SE Deluxe something, It was a mobo pull from an alien-ware rig ,cannot remember. Used to clock close to 5Ghz which was kinda cool.
    Oh, I Ultra Chill Tec, it worked as advertized, was big and heavy too, still think I have it somewhere.......Maybe use it again soon.
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    Re: Anyone still using Peltier's?

    I threw this thing in the top of my toolbox and hadn't given it another thought till I was digging around looking for something else this week. I have the AMD heatpipe cooler that came with my CPU. So for S&G's I slaped the two together with some Artic Silver V and hooked it to a battery. It got COLD. -7 degees farenheit cold. I certainly wasn't expecting that. The hot side got "hotish". I could still handle the heatsink. The pelt drew 5.63 amps at 12 volts. As a vehicle's running voltage is in the 14.5 volt range I figure this must be a 18 volt pelt. I have a 18 volt transformer I can hook it up to and see what it does. It's kind of slow at work during the holiday season so I may have some time to play with this thing a little bit. I'll let you know if I burn something up.

    Update: Couldn't find the transformer so I hooked it to 2 12 volt car batteries. Total voltage was 25v with the pelt drawing 9.7 amps. That's 245 watts. The heatsink started heating up really quick so I couldn't do any long term (over 1 minute) 24 volt tests. I did run it at 15.5 volts (battery charger) for about 4 hours with a 1.5x.5x10" steel bar sitting on the cold side. The whole thing frosted over. I've been kicking around the idea of getting a H100 cooler for my machine anyways so maybe I'll see if it will cool this pelt before it goes in the computer. Maybe an FX-6100 95w CPU too...
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    Re: Anyone still using Peltier's?

    Quote Originally Posted by RatboyX View Post
    Saw a guy that ran a duct from his CPU cooler through a hole in his wall to the outside and pumped in cold air. This was in Minnesota (IIRC) in the dead of winter so has pumping in VERY cold air. Of course I donít know how he got over the condensation and moisture in the air he was pumping in, so it might have just been one of those internet hoaxes.

    Then again people often do CRAZY stuff

    I live in northern Minnesota, and this winter (due to a failing PSU) bought an 8' piece of vinyl dryer ducting and vented the cold air in from outside through my 140mm top fan (Antec Three Hundred). I am running:

    Asus P8P67 Pro Rev. 3.1
    Intel Core i5 2500K @4.75GHz (5.0GHz+ during winter)
    Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus (Arctic Silver 5)
    8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600 @ 1680MHz
    120GB Kingston HyperX (550R/500W)
    5TB Storage
    AMD/ATI Radeon HD5750 @820MHz GPU/1320MHz RAM
    Silverstone 400 Watt

    During the coldest of days, my CPU temp would hover around 8c idle/25c load, I do believe I have a couple screen shots of the temps if you would like verification. I never had any issues with condensation, for the most part the winter air up here is so dry that it does not really condense, although, on occasion I would observe some moisture/icing on the outside of the duct, but upon inspection, did never observe any moisture internally.

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