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    Jan 2008

    USB Drive is write protected

    I just got a 32 GB flash drive and it is suddenly write protected. I'm pretty sure I didn't accidentally do anything because it just stopped while I was deleting some files and said the drive was write protected.
    Here are the things I've tried to fix it:
    1) Right click format drive
    2) command prompt format
    3) change registry values of StorageDevicePolicies WriteProtect key and the other ControlSets besides the main one
    4) Download a program to change write protect settings

    None of these have worked. Now the drive is in RAW format because I canceled a format operation I gave it after nothing had happened for about fifteen minutes. And when I try to format in the command screen the "percent complete" message stays at 0. Basically I need to remove the write protection. Oh, and there is no external hardware switch (for those of you thinking I just can't see ).

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    Aug 2003

    Re: USB Drive is write protected

    What brand is it? look at the manufacturer's site to see if there's info on this matter.

    Might as well RMA it, just don't take the unit apart.

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