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    Jun 2003

    6850 or 6870? Is the latter really worth the extra coin?

    Title says all.

    Recently bought COD Black Ops, painfully obvious my X1950 even though its the required minimum and runs the game is way too slow. Would like a nice healthy bump in performance in the game. I'm not after the best absolute possible resolution or anything, just a nice noticeable improvement would be sufficient.

    Wanted to keep the cost around $200, 250 tops. Seems the 6850 is very doable in that range. There are a few 6870 offerings right at the $250 mark. However, I'm hoping to not have to buy a new PSU. So the 6850 gets marks there based off what I've come up googling. Also, the 6870 from the screen shots I've seen looks to be a long sucker, might be an issue in my case, again the 6850 is probably the safer bet.

    Finally, I might seriously consider folding again if I have a new GPU that can throw up some decent results on that front.

    Not opposed to Nvidia possibly, but I've always been an ATI/AMD fanboy so why I'm eyeballing the 6000 series first. Also not interested in any multiple card setups, etc... just want a single honest mid range card thats a good bang for the buck.

    Any advice appreciated. Thanks in advance. Thinking I might just bite the bullet and order a 6850 soon off the egg and be done with it, but thought it might be worth waiting a day or two to see what you all had to say.

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    Aug 2004

    Re: 6850 or 6870? Is the latter really worth the extra coin?

    Hey Jeremy, nVidia is still the way to go Folding, @ 10,000/day for a 460 vs hundreds (maybe a couple thousand for new cards) for ATI/AMD. Sad but true.

    Power wise the nVidias are useless but a 460/70 will double your performance and the saving can get a good psu.

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    Jul 2003
    Long Beach CA

    Re: 6850 or 6870? Is the latter really worth the extra coin?

    At the 200 dollar mark the 460 1 GB would be a great card for you, and a major upgrade from the 1950. And thatís from someone that bought a 6870. Oh I like the 6870 just fine but I donít fold and I paid more than the 200 dollar price point you are looking at. I think you can get a nice 460 for right around that price.
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    Jan 2010
    Hamilton, On, Can

    Re: 6850 or 6870? Is the latter really worth the extra coin?

    I would say a GTX 470. EVGA has some pretty good mail in rebates going on making the card ~$280, and in some places ~$260
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    Sep 2002

    Re: 6850 or 6870? Is the latter really worth the extra coin?

    GTX460 1MB or HD6850 are both good choices (and in your price range? Might possibly want to look at some great deals on HD5850s also). HD6870 is a bit overpriced atm as is the GTX470 with its totally ridiculous power needs (not to mention there are deals of HD5870 in that same price range).

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