I'm 27. I've never had a credit card, and I've only ever purchased one item on credit, and that was a TV last year. All I've ever made payments on are my car, medical bills and student loans.

For some reason, I apparently have amazing credit. My bank has told me my credit score is more-or-less perfect, and anytime I go in to a store and go through the steps of possibly making a credit-based purchase, no credit problems ever arise.

While I'm curious why the above is true, I'm more curious about this...

What impact will it have to pay off a credit loan early? I get wildly mixed answers when I ask people this question.

Typically, people tell me...

1) It's bad for me to pay off a loan early because the whole point is to have a history of making steady payments on something.
2) It's ok to pay off a loan after 12 months, but less than 12 see #1

If I want to go buy a new couch tomorrow on my credit, is it better for me to simply pay it out until the bitter end, or is there no negative side to paying it off early?

Anyone have some wisdom they'd be willing to share?