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    Dec 2010
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    CyberDefender LiveTech

    Hello, I was recently reading PC mag, and came across a article that talked about this Live tech from cyberdefender. I heard of them from thier antivirus program but havent had much exxperience with it. The Article stated that for a membership fee they go in clean your pc, and getit running to optimal proformance. and there after will assist you with any technical issues there after. even remote tho i currently wouldn't need such assistance,for I general can fix most problems.My father on the other hand Turning the PC on and logging in his User and navigating the internet is a miracle on its own, and calls me about once a week to fix whats wrong on his PC. The article mention that the service is remote control, is that like 'Remote Access'?
    Do you think this would be secure?Now, the article didn't test the service, so does anyone here have any experience with it? For me this seems like it would be a ideal Gift for my father, and my self to save me the many collective hours of frustration of listening to him describing what his pc is doing
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