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    Feb 2011
    under my Desk pulling cables

    Lightbulb ForSale Need Price Opinion

    Gotta System with the following and I'm wondering what it's worth

    K9A2 Motherboard MSI Platnium Motherboard
    2.6Ghz Quad Core AMD 9950 CPU
    120MM Closed Loop Liquid Cooler with Fan, Integral Pump on heatsink
    8G OCZ PC-8500 RAM
    ATI 4850X2 2G Video card (2 gpus on one card)
    Antec Gamer Nine hundred Case
    3 Red Coolermaster PWM Fans
    PC Power and Cooling 750W 80+ Blue Power Supply
    AverMedia Dual port ATSC HD TV CARD
    2T Western Digital Hard Drive
    Lightscribe CD/DVD ROM 18x
    55 in 1 Card reader with floppy

    Windows 7 Ultimate Completely installed and setup for 4 users.

    My Neighbor is interested in this system, as these things go, I will be having to tech support this thing and doing a lot of Hand Holding. I don't want to Price myself out of the Market but at the same time I don't want to get taken to the cleaners and resent having to support and defend my sale evertime they boot it up.

    Please Email or PM me when you have an answer for me. I was thinking in the 600 ballpark seeing as it's pretty much a total gamer rig that I spent nearly 1500 on new.

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    Nov 2001
    I've moved.....I'm over here now.

    Re: ForSale Need Price Opinion

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