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    Mar 2011

    Stick it out with Core 2 Duo?

    So I just bought a used GTX 460 1GB to replace my seriously aged 8800 GTX. The system I'm throwing it into is an E6750 clocked at 3.2Ghz, with 8GB of DDR2-800. I'd like to be able to game comfortably (at 1680x1050) for the next 6-12 months before building a new system. Can I get by with just the graphics card, or is there any serious value/need in going up to a Core 2 Quad?

    I've looked at everything from the Q8400 (about $169) to the Q9550 (about $279), but without a frame of reference I have no idea if these are worthwhile upgrades.

    My fear is sinking too much cash into legacy architecture for marginal performance improvements. I'm also stuck in DDR2, although the real world implications of that that is likely minor.

    As far as games, well I have no idea what I'll be playing. A bit of everything. The tipping point for me came when I was playing Civ V and it just became unplayable when zoomed out. I had gotten away from gaming for a while, which is why I haven't looked into upgrading until now.

    So to recap, I'm happy to pull the trigger on a new processor if it's necessary and/or the performance increase will be worthwhile, and can extend the life of my system. If not, I'll hold out an build a new system in the fall.

    I should add that I'll absolutely be overclocking any processor I buy.

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    Jun 2002

    Re: Stick it out with Core 2 Duo?

    I'd personally stick with what you have as long as you can.

    When BFBC2 came out, I replaced my E6600 with a E8400. Once Civilization V was released I switched to a Q9300. Both processors were bought used on this site.

    I'm sure my FPS games could be smoother but I'd rather get my four years out of my current system and wait to see what AMD has to offer in the summer.

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    Mar 2002

    Re: Stick it out with Core 2 Duo?

    ^^^ Agree. I swapped out my Q9550@3.6Ghz for my "new" i7-860@3.6 around last Feb. In most games.. even heavily multi-threaded ones.. my cpu is usually 50% asleep with most of the load going to the video card. The real motivation for me to upgrade of late is watching the rate at which the new hardware drops and the value of the hardware in my rig. An OC'd Q9550 will prolly last you for a good while (that 12mb cache is handy). But unless your current CPU is maxed out I'd look into perhaps getting another 460 for some SLI goodness instead if your MOBO & power supply are up to it. A pair of 460's is probably much better bang/buck than a new CPU IMHO. I'm guessing here as your system specs are not in your siggy or profile.

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    Nov 2003

    Re: Stick it out with Core 2 Duo?

    Gosh, I've been running my old 5000 black for a few years now and
    it just keeps running like an old VW.

    Maybe wait for the new dogs to show up. Won't be long.

    When next I "upgrade" it will be with a quad. I don't need
    anything more than that.

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    Jun 2006

    Re: Stick it out with Core 2 Duo?

    Your E6750 will be holding you back somewhat, even at 3.2GHz and also because it's only a dual core but the difference might not be worth the money necessary to upgrade to something along the lines of a Q9xxx series.

    Some games will be slower than others, especially those that prefer a quad core.

    I don't think you can overclock too much higher too. It's a hard one to pull, if you're cash strapped just enjoy what you have, if not then a Q9xxx overclocked to 4GHz will show you viable gains, just take a look at GTA IV for example.

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    Nov 2007

    Re: Stick it out with Core 2 Duo?

    I wouldn't put anymore money in the CPU/mobo/memory at this point. I think your dual core will handle most everything fine throughout the rest of the year. When you can purchase an AMD Phenom II X4 965 for less than $150, and it should spank around those older Core 2 Quads that cost much more on average... Or even the i5-700 series of chips that start around $189 which are just plain fast as well...

    Save that money and invest in a new machine. With Bulldozer coming out this summer, we should expect to see some good price competition between Intel and AMD throughout the latter half of the year. Or keep a sharp eye out, and see what happens to the AMD AM3 processors after Bulldozer and Llano drop. Could be some amazing deals on CPUs and motherboards that would also last you a long time.

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    Nov 2002
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    Re: Stick it out with Core 2 Duo?

    Bulldozer....... argggh boy do I need a job..... must save money..... 16 core

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    Sep 2001
    Toronto, CANADA

    Re: Stick it out with Core 2 Duo?

    I've got an e6750 and am in the same boat. Games run well on the 8800gt but cod4 and civ v show minimal but noticable lag (esp with video sequence). Your 8gb and some minor tweaking will keep you going for a while longer.

    When AMD bulldozer comes out there will be more options.
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    Dec 2002
    Sunny South Florida

    Re: Stick it out with Core 2 Duo?

    Stick with what u have for now, if a good quad comes your way.....very cheaply, go for it but that graphics card will do u fine for now.
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    Nov 2006

    Re: Stick it out with Core 2 Duo?

    While the number of cores are less important with second generation i7's, the IPC itself is a significant booster for single threaded and dual threaded apps. Consider that 3.2Ghz of Pentium 4 dual core versus 3.2Ghz of Core 2 dual core versus 3.2Ghz of Nehalem versus 3.2Ghz of SnB, just on a per thread level, amounts to a 50% jump on the P4 DC to the C2D DC. Then another 20~ish% for going C2D DC to Nehalem DC. Lastly, another 0-30% (variable) for Sandy Bridge over 1st gen. That all adds up to single threaded performance of upwards of a 100% boost at the same clock speed over that initial P4, and a possible 50% over C2D, per thread, just on the IPC level, not counting IMC, internal ring-bus, all the goodies that make 3.2Ghz of SnB a totally worth while upgrade.

    Edit: There's a rumored upcoming Core i3 2360K with unlocked multi, dual cores, AND possibly HT! If all you want is 2 cores, this is an easy choice. With only 2 cores and an unlocked multi on the SnB architecture that lets my 4c/8t version nail 5Ghz with liquid cooling, I can only imagine the 5.5Ghz or more OCs we'd be seeing people crank out with these. On air.

    And never count out AMD. They've got some clock speed "head room" built into this new generation getting ready to hit as well. Well worth looking into, AMD's making a come back
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    Jan 2001

    Re: Stick it out with Core 2 Duo?

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