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    Mar 2011

    How to add Raid1 to existing Win7 Pro

    I have a Gigabyte 770T-USB3 motherboard. I have installed Win7 Pro 32bit on a single drive. I now want to add two drives in a Raid configuration. When I installed the Win7 I did not install then Raid drivers. I need to find a way to install the Raid Drivers. When I setup the Raid on the Motherboard the OS keeps re-booting. Anyone have an answer for this without reloading the OS.

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    Feb 2003

    Re: How to add Raid1 to existing Win7 Pro

    i have a gigabyte 790 that has a setting in the bios to set sata 4 & 5 independently to ide.

    if you have that too, place your os drive on one of them. then once in windows it will see the the raid enabled satas and ask for drivers.

    just a guess but should work.

    edit: then once they are installed you should be able to move it back and set up the raid 1.

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