All righty then........need to get my ars up to speed on this mobo. Right now my primary interest is the capabilities of the RAID controller and the NB/SB to handle a fair number of SATA devices.

My usual inability to ever finish anything now has this going into a “build” called Celtic Spirit ( ) with the idea of using it as a data / printer server.

Guess the center of this conversion will be 2 x WD WD1002FAEXs and 2 x WD WD1001FALs. That is if I can get these guys to play nice together. As mentioned more than once I’m a total noob on RAID and how to use it for data storage. So don’t laugh when I say I’m looking to do RAID1 (mirroring?) but now have to figure how to do it with 4 drives instead of the original 2.

Now if I throw in a possible SSD (32GB), a 160 Raptor, and the always present optical drive I believe we now have seven SATA devices. Or does having the HDDs in RAID change that?

I’ve heard a lot of good and bad about this mobo, but ………..I already have one so need to make it work and has to be a better choice over an existing 785 that I have.

A server won’t be its only task as I plan to do some overclocking and possible folding with it. Oh, yeah the major parts are as follows:

CPU: 955BE w/ EK-Supreme HF High Flow – Nickel-Plex
GPUs: 2 x XFX GTX 285 w/ EK-FC285 GTX - Nickel / Plexi