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    Re: I want a lean, mean crunching machine

    SB rigs are quite power efficient. According to Anandtech's GTX 560Ti review, total system power draw from the wall is 350w on Furmark (aka worst case scenario). Thats with an i7-920 in an Asus Rampage II Extreme X58 mobo, which is a more power hungry platform than the SB (95w TDP vs 130w for the 920)

    short of putting in a pair of cards or something like a GTX 580, the 650 should be more than enough power

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    Re: I want a lean, mean crunching machine

    A couple of small notes on your system:

    1) I did a search, and apparently that CPU Cooler will fit in that case. With the Antec Three Hundred (I use the same case), things can get pretty tight with any large cooler. It might be worth investing in a larger case to avoid growing pains (particularly too with the footprint modern day GPUs leave).
    2) Case fans. The three hundred has some stock, but depending on what you want, it may be worth an investment in quieter fans. Just a little customization thing, the biggest noise will likely be coming from the CPU cooler fans anyway.
    3) It looks like you picked a good video card, which is a good thing. As you mentioned programming, you may want to spoil yourself and hook up two monitors. One for your active window that you're coding in, and a second to pull up any other information to help out with the coding windows (database information, research, emails/threads relating to the project, etc, etc, etc).

    Enjoy the new system!
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    Re: I want a lean, mean crunching machine

    Thanks. I just got an update that my cc was charged but still no ship notification or even packaging notice. Look like some time late next week at best before I can start working on it

    When I selected the case I just wanted a box, nothing fancey but I did read that it would hold everything including the cooler so I hope that's true. Extra/different case fans is a consideration. I'll have to see how it does after everything is all put together, cheep change. One thing I have read that might be a problem is it can be tight with the spacing of the CPU cooler the RAM slots. One person mentioned that they just used the pair that put the RAM farthest from the cooler. I'll be putting 16GB in the box (4X4GB) so I'll be filling all the slots and wont have that option. I hope it's not an issue.

    I'm not worried about growing pains as the only thing I could imagine adding would be extra drives. It will never be a gaming machine and the GPU I got will do the job just fine. I can get to typing pretty fast when I'm pumping out some code but I don't think frame rate will ever be an issue

    A second monitor is the next thing on my list. I use two at work and it so much more convenient than a single (I do have a 23" at home but it's the real estate that makes the difference, not the size). The GPU I got has two DVI and a miniHDMI on it so I'm assuming I could eventually put even three monitors on there if I wanted but I'm not positive on that. I know it can do two.

    Now I'm just waiting

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