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    File D:\$Mft. Delayed Write Failed. Help??


    Recently on boot up I get this message.

    D:\b48eef6d595d72ba6e885d4572 is not accessible.
    The request could not be preformed because of an I/O device error.

    Another message in Win Bubble reads...

    Windows - Delayed Write Failed
    The first line states....Windows was unable to save all the date for the file D:\$Mft. etc etc.

    I can go on to use the system, but can't access the D drive. Keeps posting the above message if I go to the D drive. I tried to do a chkdsk but don't know how to do that on the D drive. It checks the C. Can I point it to the D drive?

    Also found a How To forum about ICE ECC. Said that was a good program to fix MTF. Don't really have a clue how it works or what to do with it.

    Many photos and files of importance on my D drive and really need to get it back. Plus Acornis backups.

    Any assist would be appreciated. Thanks,


    PS This is really for my daughter's computer (substitute Amy for I) who lives 300 miles away. Trying to help. Thanks
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    Re: File D:\$Mft. Delayed Write Failed. Help??

    You'll need to tell chkdsk which drive you want to check or it'll just check the current drive.

    So go to Start --> Run... and then type the command chkdsk d: in order for it to scan the d drive.

    I recently seen the same error message on my father's computer in reference to his USB memory stick. It turns out the disk was physically dieing as sectors were failing. So when Windows would try to write data to the drive, the data would be put into a 'cache' to speed up the operation for the user. Then a few seconds later it would actually try to dump the data to the drive. When that failed, Windows would tell the user that even though it appeared to have already wrote the data, it actually failed....the 'Delayed Write Failed' error.

    I would suggest that she tries to copy all of her important data off of that disk before running the chksk command. If the drive is failing, running a scan will just work the drive more possibly allowing more of it to fail before she has a chance to recover any data. Once she's got as much of it backed up as she can, then run chkdsk and even better, try running diagnostic programs from the Hard Drive manufacturer. They may do a better job.

    Good Luck.
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