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    Sep 2001
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    Re: Quiet, Capable Gamer, $2000

    Quote Originally Posted by Gollan View Post
    CoolerMaster also sent me an adaptor that connects the front panel USB3.0 ports to the USB3.0 header on the Asus P8P67 Deluxe mobo. You just request it through the RMA system, though I would think they are being included with the case by now.
    Just wanted to add to this thread that the HAF-X does indeed come with the USB 3 mobo header standard now, so no more running the cables out the holes in the back to the rear USB 3 mobo ports. Btw, this IS a wonderful case to work with! It is easily the nicest case I've ever used. I didn't have any wheels break on me either, but then I was very careful when I stood it up for the first time. I have had that style wheel break on me in the past on furniture and it's always when a lateral force is applied to it.

    Nice setup and thread you've got here btw Gollan. Sorry I didn't see it in May when you first started it.

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    Re: Quiet, Capable Gamer, $2000

    So... I got a second Intel 510 120 GB SSD and in this thread I set them up as a RAID 0 for a nice performance and capacity boost.

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