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    May 2011

    Podcast missing album art for RSS/Zune

    To whoever produces the podcasts -

    Can you please embed the PC Gamer podcast image inside the MP3s or workout whatever needs to be done so it appears properly on Zune software and my Windows Phone? Infact it won't appear on any standard RSS feed podcast - not everyone uses Apple products!!

    I'm on a mission to get the podcast producers to add the album art for all my podcasts for which this isn't working!! Please everyone rally around me (and bow before me if you want)

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    Jul 2010

    Re: Podcast missing album art for RSS/Zune

    I actually use gPodder podcats client on all my platforms, and if it can't find album art in a podcast you can add one yourself (named cover.jpg inside the folder of said podcast) and it will sync up between gpodder installations. The developer is working on a Android version atm.

    I'm not saying this will help you much, but see if Zune stores the podcasts in separate directories somwhere on your player and add a cover.jpg inside the folder of your album-artless podcast.

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    Jul 2010

    Re: Podcast missing album art for RSS/Zune

    I'm having the same issue with missing album art for the podcast. I used to use DrPodder on the Palm Pre and everything was fine but have now switch to an EPIC 4g with Android. The first podcast app I tried was BeyondPod and it didn't show the cover art for PCPer though my other podcasts were fine. Then I switched and bought DoggCatcher. It also does not display art for PCPer and all other work fine. What's going on? I am linking to Is this the correct link?
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