Well I just discovered last night that my on board firewire connector is no working. I do some none linear video editing using various apps and till recently it seems to have been working. Last night I load a new app called Lightworks and it doesn't see my miniDV deck. ? I'm using Windows 7 32bit SP1.

I went to "MY computer" and there is no device showing for the Sony deck. Re-started the Sony GV-D300 ...nothing. Changed the driver for the firewire port to Legacy...nothing. Re-started the PC...nothing. I re-booted into WinXP SP3 and the device is not there either ( it used to be..).

Avid Media composer used to see the firewire device last time I worked with it. I plugged in the miniDV deck and a miniDV camcorder to no effect.

Has anyone had this issue with this mobo? ASUS M4A77D.
I'm going to install an add-on firewire card I have to double check things.

Any help will be appreciated.