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    Jun 2011

    Problem Need Help Mainboard temp constantly at 59c

    Hey guys im new to this forum but not to pc's im Zothos i need a lil help with my BioStar H55A+ mainboard its an LGA 1156 and i have an Intel Core i5 650 in it oc'ed @4GHz 1.3v and my mainboard temp is always at 59c and it never goes up or down and i have 2 different programs showing the same problem. I am even running an air conditioner right in front of it and nothing it just stays at 59c Please Help!!!! Thanx in advance guy's!!!

    Here's a pic!

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    Feb 2003

    Re: Need Help Mainboard temp constantly at 59c


    get signed up at this forum and ask there. if anyone knows, they will.

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    if you should have any trouble getting signed up let me know.


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