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    Mar 2003
    Central Virginia, USA

    Cosidering a "Desktop Replacement" Lappy

    Okay I've found myself in a situation where it looks like I may be replacing a desktop with a lappy. I know dittlely squat about laptops so need the help.

    One of the first considerations is I really don't want to get rid of my full size kb, mouse, or multi-monitor setup. I had just finished a build that consisted of AMD 1090T, 2 x 580s, 4GB of DDR3, yadda, yadda. Without TMI lets just say the system met an untimely death and an offer to replace it with a lappy occurred.

    So what am I look for/at that'll do what is necessary??? Gaming, managing pictures, home video, music, and business apps would be the primary usage. So let the suggestions begin....... :laughing:

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    Apr 2006
    Southern New Jersey

    Re: Cosidering a "Desktop Replacement" Lappy

    What is your budget?

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    Jun 2002

    Re: Cosidering a "Desktop Replacement" Lappy

    I'm looking at a Dell XPS myself. 17" laptops that does everything well except perhaps the latest gaming. You can't beat desktops in that regard unless you're willing to go past the two grand mark.

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    Jul 2003
    Bogota, NJ

    Re: Cosidering a "Desktop Replacement" Lappy

    well what did you get

    I ended up with a referb hp dv6 6135dx. I added a summit 120g SSD and the computer kicks some serious ass. I do wish the screen was a little better, brighter.
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