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    Jun 2011

    Unhappy Pc Reapetedly Reboots

    hello.. im new here i need some help about my pc.. what happen is i do running my pc almost 20/7 .. and when i came back leaving my pc on its seems ok but after a minute it freezes cant even move the mouse and also the keyboard.. so i try restarting it. and it happens again after a few minutes, after 2 days i didnt use my pc because of that then i try to open it again the same thing happened. and it get worst because its now rebooting after a minute i checkd the exhaust and cpu fan still working but when my pc reboots i saw my cpu fan turns slow. i also try replacing my PSU but nothng has changed it still automatically reboots. before what happened to my pc i do a 1st general cleaning on my pc and i saw a bunch of dust on the heat zinc and also all over the case. then i cleaned it. anyone has an idea about my problem? thx

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    Jun 2002
    catford south london

    Re: Pc Reapetedly Reboots

    so is it clean now with reasonable temps in bios for cpu

    and a working fan on main cooler
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    Re: Pc Reapetedly Reboots

    go into bios and look for a "cool-n-quiet" setting and disable it, this will allow the cpu fan to run at max speed. test your memory with memtest. list your system specs or add them to your profile or a sig.
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