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    Apr 2006
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    Problem Brand New Laptop: Wireless Worked But Now It Doesn't

    Long story short: I received my new laptop on Monday. I installed Windows 7 and the Drivers. I was able then to connect to the internet wirelessly in another room in my house.

    My router is a 6 year old + wired Linksys G router and in order to provide wireless in my home I set-up a TreanNet Access Point N a year and a half ago. Though there are times that I need to reboot it but we can access the internet anywhere in the house on our laptops with a strong signal. I upgraded from the standard b/g/n wireless card to the Intel Advanced 6200(?).

    At the beginning the laptop connected fine recognizing the TrendNet and the signal was strong. I then installed Windows Updates, Microsoft Essentials and the latest Adobe Flash. By the way, the W7 firewall was enabled from the beginning.

    After a time I shut it down but when I came back this system will not connect at all.

    1. It shows that the system is connected to the Access Point with a strong signal but when I go to connect to the internet wirelessly it constantly says that there is a problem.

    2. Diagnosis says itís my modem, access point, or router. So I reset them at least five times each but nothing has changed. Besides, my PC has no trouble connecting to the internet. I even fired up my 8 year old Toshiba Tecra S1 using a TP Link USB adapter at the opposite end of the house and it connects.

    3. Diagnosis diagram shows connection from Access Point to laptop but no connection from laptop to internet. It appears it is receiving but not sending.

    4. I eventually did a system restore as I only installed the Adobe Flash and Microsoft Essentials. When it finally rebooted the only thing I reinstalled was MSE. I even set things to default. But the problem persists.

    Can anyone help direct me on how to enable this wireless connection? I am neophyte when it comes to 7 so clear directions will be most welcomed. What and where do I need look for. Thanks.

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    Dec 2011

    Re: Brand New Laptop: Wireless Worked But Now It Doesn't

    what i would recommend is making sure that the laptop is getting an ip address from the router and that there is communication there. so open a command prompt and run ipconfig /all it will show you wireless adapter on there and if it is pulling an ip address. make sure that it is connecting to your router.

    if it is not pulling an ip address from your router then there is a problem with the card or the drivers for the card.

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