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    z5500 sub 60cm away from electronics

    Just got some z5500s, it says they need to be 60cm away from other electronic products.

    Is this correct as I wish to put the sub under my desk.

    It would be approx 40cm away from my pc, which is inside a cabinet and approx 30-40cm away from ps3/ 24 inch lcd tv/ router.

    The speakers probably wont be on always when the pc is so does it still affect products which are switched off?

    I've read not to worry about things other than CRTs (which I don't own) anyway.

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    Jul 2011

    Re: z5500 sub 60cm away from electronics

    I think that's their collaterial damage radius. My PS3 is about 1ft away from the sub and I can't say as I've had any issues. If maybe you were trying to write data to a floppy while rocking out you might have EMI issues, otherwise I think it's more the vibrations I would be concerned about. I know a friend had their tower and sub close to each other on the floor and don't think they had issues either.

    If you plan on cranking it to 11 (There really is an 11 on them btw) then you might want a bit more room. At reasonable levels you're probably okay.

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    Mar 2003
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    Re: z5500 sub 60cm away from electronics

    Ive had mine closer than 60cm without issue. Great system!

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