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    Feb 2004
    Janesville, Wi

    1st of a Series of Interviews

    We Decided to start with the Folding Group due to myself being more familiar with Folding, However if any of the Boincers want to get involved please feel free to PM either Myself (mmettin) or Activate:AMD

    In the interest of introducing strengthen our community, we've decided to begin a series of interviews we like to call "Meet the Frogs". The staff would like this to be a little snapshot of the group here so that we can get an idea of what kind of people are involved, why they wanted to do it and how they got started. So without further ado, I introduce our latest interviewee:

    Activate: AMD

    So who the heck are ya?
    Activate: AMD! Most of the Fragging Frogs will know me by my gaming and teamspeak handle O-Dog. Unfortunately it was taken when I tried to register here!

    Where do you call home?
    Princeton, NJ. People who say NJ is a dump should check it out, we're not just one big turnpike

    Any family?
    None that are my fault

    What do you do to pay the power bills?
    Chemist for a major consumer products company. new product development

    What do you do in your spare time?
    gaming is by far my biggest hobby. I cook, watch a few movies, do a little hiking, photography and biking from time-to-time

    What Distributing Computing (DC) projects are you involved in?

    How did you first get involved in your chosen project?
    I actually have no idea how or why I started.. I just know my stats say I started 7 years ago I guess I just wandered in here and found a home

    Why do you participate?
    I like the science. I don't really feel compelled for any reason like losing somebody to a specific disease, but I know that the science is cool

    What major goal or milestone would you like to see DC accomplish?
    Like I said, I'm not out to eradicate any specific diseases. I think the project is a lot more esoteric than that. The point is to generate lots of data for people other than PG to sort through. The more publications PG puts out and the more cites they get, the bigger impact we're having, and thats all I really want to see

    What projects have you contributed to? Any others you find interesting?
    Besides F@H, nothing. There are some cool BOINC projects out there, but I'm stubborn so I don't know that I'll switch.

    What teams have you contributed to?

    What brings you to The Pond (734)?
    Started coming to the forums for computer advice when I was building my first real computer. wandered into DC and it seemed exciting. Like i said though, my memory is hazy

    If your current project ends, which one will you move on to?

    not sure..

    Current level of production and what kind of hardware are you using?
    I think I do alright. current production varies due to bigadv drop schedules but its somewhere in the 200k-250k PPD range. Currently folding on 3 rigs:
    SR-2 w/ 2x L5640's @ 3.6ghz
    i7-970 (hex) @ 3.6ghz
    i7-950 (quad) @ 4.06 ghz

    Do your rigs have day jobs or are they dedicated folders?

    the 950 is also my gaming rig. the other 2 are dedicated

    How are these rigs configured? OS, client, etc?
    all 3 are running -bigadv. Ubuntu Linux on the dedicated rigs, win7 on the gaming rig

    Anything else you'd like your fellow frogs to know about you?
    nope, but i'll take questions

    We'd like to give Activate: AMD a big round of applause for stepping up to the podium and saying a bit about themselves. If anyone has any additional questions, feel free to post them below!

    Oh, and Fold/Crunch on!!

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    Feb 2004
    Janesville, Wi

    Re: 1st of a Series of Interviews

    Ok, I'll bite

    What is your favorite color ?

    Pets ?

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    Mar 2003
    Central NJ

    Re: 1st of a Series of Interviews

    blue or green... but NOT blue-green or green-blue!!

    cats. 2 of them. one was my best friend at home, sleeping on my bed every night and every time I come home she gets super excited. here she is in her natural habitat

    Trust me, I do science
    My Hardware, Past and Present

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