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    Jun 2012

    Re: loking for Headset

    I have used all types of professional grade headphoens in the past, professionally i rely on the Sennheiser HD 280 pros, solid and true! But recently a buddy's kid was rocking these Incipio F38 over his head while at my house and it was unbelievable how loud they were even while he was wearing them. Sure they might not have been sealed off to well, but even when he took them off and i picked them up for a listen it was freaking amazing how loud they were from his cents or two.first post FTW

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    Jun 2013

    Re: loking for Headset

    from your option i can recommend Logitech. but based from my experience I am using Sennheiser ever since, HD360, 219 and just got my Momentum =) if you wanna extend out your options then try Sennheiser though' it is pricey but price is paid off! for Basic I guess HD 360 Sennheiser would be fine from your expectation. hope it helps.

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