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    Sep 2011

    Basic overclocking question

    So my new computer's motherboard (gigabyte z68xp) came with an add on overclocking program called Smart Quick Boost. The program gives me options to overclock to different levels by simply pushing buttons and restarting the computer. My question is then, is there a difference between this and manually overclocking through the BIOS?


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    Aug 2004

    Re: Basic overclocking question

    When manually overclocking you make the choices and can go closer to the edge of your parts capability. The program will not get as close to the edge so it will work with all parts. If the program lets you choose all the factors in the bios then basically the same.

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    Nov 2011

    Re: Basic overclocking question

    Another thing to point out with these automated overclocking programs that companies are putting out is that for A LOT of the chips they are using WAY to much voltage. Most people can run there chips with a lot less voltage, it's sorta like running on "auto" vcore in the bios, it's not worth it when overclocking.

    Simply set the settings yourself, if you don't know what they should be ask and we will help + There are a lot of guides around the net.

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    Mar 2016

    Re: Basic overclocking question

    i can show u how if u like

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    May 2018

    Re: Basic overclocking question

    i did change the CPU clock frequency from 200 to 216 (with the multiplier still at 12) just to see what happened. And by upping the vcore to 1450 i managed to get it fairly stable, Though obviously - CPU-z also shows an increase in DRAM Frequency to 430 (from 400) since i cant fiddle with the memory divider. And to be honest, i can't really grasp what else this change has affected. I've been trying to read up, but it's a lot to take in. Could someone tell me what the new CPU clock frequency affects and how this in turn affects the computer (including the boost in DRAM Frequency)? Tutuapp 9apps Aptoide
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