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    Oct 2011

    Question MP 3 player for Podcasts

    Is there anyone who can suggest an MP3 player that is good for podcast? I am looking for something that supports bookmarking (think that's what its called) I have a Zen stone, but I am stuck listening to the whole podcast and can't jump to other music / podcast and keep my spot. Also miss some kind of screen so I can see what I am listening to / how far along I am. (like when I use VLC and my laptop to listen.

    I am deployed and want to avoid an Apple product (things get rough handling out here)

    Thanks for your help.

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    Oct 2006

    Re: MP 3 player for Podcasts

    I think that the two best MP3 players for podcasts are Ipods and the Zune HD, on the Zune HD you can't manually set a bookmark but it does save the place you stopped listening/watching and syncs that to your PC.

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