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Thread: gfx driver dies

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    Jan 2006

    gfx driver dies

    okay for the last 3 months my new gfx has been disabling it self on web browsers

    not maxed on gamming but on low level stuff like a web ad in flash

    so i updated drivers,updated adobe flash player,turned up fan on gfx,tried other browsers, ie,firefox,google chrome..

    gfx i have is a 560 ti gc from galaxy have 2 one from a warranty and one i bought to replace the card when my first was damaged.

    its a documented problem just wonder if anyone has had a fix other then to downgrade to drivers with out this issue.

    imagine reading this post and your screen just goes black. then 10-15 seconds later comes back on with no errors or issues.

    some may say its a power supply but its not its a new 650 sli ready with only 1 card.

    and dont have my system oc at all.
    so what next.

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    Oct 2003
    Canandaigua , NY

    Re: gfx driver dies

    I take it your useing the 280 series driver?
    I had the same problem as well as others.
    A couple things to try are to disable hardware acceleration in your web broser and in flash,fixed it for me,useing the 238.38 beta drivers.
    Or down grade to the 275.33 driver which never had that issue.

    Nvidia claims to have it fixed in the next WHQL release ,which will be out just befor the BF3 retail launch.
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