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    Move 80GB Data from XP to Win7 WiFi Laptops

    For the past few weeks I've been reading up how to set up my 2 WiFi Laptops to transfer all my data,80GB - hopefully Documents & Settings - so my new Core i3 series II Laptop will have all my emails,contacts,set up and Bookmarks plus Passwords and cookies.
    Both being WiFi I was against spending extra money on a lead to connect them and planned to set up an 'Ad hoc' network concluding it being simpler than going the Router network way as that didn't play any part in the set up. I managed to open an 'Ad hoc' network, but as I'd read the problem is usually in making sure each OS is open to sharing and finding the Data to transfer and that is why I have not made progress so far.
    Reading more Forums today I came across the overlooked topic of speed of transfer using WiFi (both being 'g' standard) and that using a wired connection would increase the speed of transfer.

    So I am asking those with knowledge along these lines if and how its possible to return to my previously dismissed Router method to set up a network with the following items:
    1x Netgear DG934G Router supplied by Sky in the UK to BB customers.
    2x Yellow Ethernet cables for use in connecting the Router to non WiFi PC's

    I've read of networks set up using this Yellow Ethernet cable and a WiFi Laptop so is it possible to switch off both Laptops WiFi and connect them instead to the Router with their own Yellow leads and set up a network that has a worthwhile speed increase. Could you explain how its done or direct me to a write up so I can finally Use my new Laptop and Win 7.

    I will provide any more info if required and thanks for assisting
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    Re: Move 80GB Data from XP to Win7 WiFi Laptops

    You could do it this way - Connect two computers using a crossover cable.

    My HTPC

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    Gigabyte GV-R467ZL 4670/1GB video card
    Hitachi HDS721050CLA362 500GB SATA hd
    Windows7 Ultimate x64 & Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (partitioned)
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    May 2004
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    Re: Move 80GB Data from XP to Win7 WiFi Laptops

    Is there no way setting up some wired network with the Router I have for BB access and the 2 leads I have for attaching to my Laptops.

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