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    Aug 2004

    Disabling C1E and Enabling C3/C6

    For some reasons that has something to do with noise coming out from the power supply and after so many experiments, I found out that setting "Load Line Calibration" to DISABLED and setting "C1E" to "DISABLED" while keeping "C3/C6" to ENABLED solved that problem and I have no obnoxious whining sound coming out of the PSU anymore but the question is:

    Am I losing something from the power saving features by disabling C1E or the C3/C6 can substitute for this loss being that they are more advanced states than C1E???

    In other words, Is C1E of slight or significant importance?

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    Apr 2001
    New Jersey

    Re: Disabling C1E and Enabling C3/C6

    Dunno what C3 or C6 are; sound like Intel features to me.

    As for C1E it will down clock the CPU and lower the voltage while the CPU is idling or using very cpu limited applications.

    I disable it myself, only because it's not known to work very well with overclocking.

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