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    All you ever wanted to know about folding

    Joining the "Folding Frogs " Group will allow you to enable a hued steel blue tag just below your user name specifically identifying you as a folding frog and further promoting the folding project where ever you may post.

    Only rules to join is you must be an active member of Team 734 in the folding community.
    You must have at least one Cpu folding for Team 734.
    You must have been a member actively folding for at least a week.
    If you discontinue to fold for Team 734 then a group leader will try to contact you before removing your title.
    Not that anyone would want to quit the team but things do happen and we want to encourage the project and reward active members.

    If you fulfill the above and are interested in joining the "official"
    Folding Frogs user group..

    Simply click your USERCP button in the upper left corner
    Scroll down to the Miscellaneous category in the lower left corner
    Next click on the Group Memberships button
    At the "Folding Frogs" Group click "join group" button

    How to display your "Folding Frog" group under your name in posts?

    A Group leader will accept or Deny your membership after checking your status...

    Once accepted.. Simply revisit the UserCP
    Control panel
    Group memberships
    and scroll down to your group and click the button
    to Identify yourself as a member of this group....
    Update your display....

    Have fun
    any questions feel free to post
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    Re: folding sticky new thread

    Stats Links:
    Team 734 Summary:
    All teams list

    Project Info
    stanford main page
    F@H wikipedia
    Stanford software DL
    standford SMP info

    Project Status
    stanford server status
    Beta projects summary
    comprehensive project summary

    core status codes

    Tracking Tools:

    Can't find what you're looking for? Try here:
    Folding Tools list

    Outdated Info (may be useful for older systems)
    companion 1:
    Companion 2:
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    Re: All you ever wanted to know about folding

    Just a for some more views.

    If you have any questions (about the new information) please feel free to make a forum post

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