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    Mar 2003

    New Sony Pad Android Games Security

    Hi Everyone

    I'd like to say first that I do not have a smartphone iphone webphone hotphone or multi phone for a cell phone I just have a regular cell phone and I can text on it.

    A friend of mine at work got his wife a new sony pad thing. I have to admit It looks really cool, can be an ereader etc.. basically its sony's ipad.

    I dont know much about android i aps or whatever, but they wanted me to help them download some android games on their pad. Because they are more illiterate than me. I know computers... not pads and phones....

    Anyway they wanted this game called Angry Birds Seasons on it.... so okay I figured out how to download it on there.. and then it said something about the game having access to email addresses and phone lists and the internet.

    Okay so then i was like .. are you sure you want to do this because that sounds pretty intrusive.. is this normal now? The wave of the future? I mean I kinda felt bad installing it for them because I feel like i've helped them breach thier ' privacy ' so to speak. Then they wanted this UNO program and that came up with a window that said it had access to a lot more things.

    After that I showed them one more time how to download their own stuff and said your on your own here.. LOL .. I just am wondering if this is normal??

    Thanx and sorry if this is the wrong forum place for this and maybe should be in off topic.

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    Oct 2003
    Edmonton, Alberta

    Re: New Sony Pad Android Games Security

    The answer to the question is "YES".

    I find it very aggravating that programs that really do not need all the access still ask for it.
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