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    Nov 2011

    Question Headset with GOOD mic


    For Christmas this year I want to get my husband a good headset. Sound doesn't need to be fantastic, he won't be using it for music, just for some WoW sound and to hear over Vent. But the headset needs a clear, loud, and awesome mic. It also needs to be comfortable because he would wear it for hours at a time to lead raids and manage his guild. The headset does need to be a USB since we opted for awesome graphics cards over sound boards. Who cares what it sounds like if it looks crappy, right? Anyway, my price range is nothing over $70. The headset doesn't need to be perfect; a clear, pretty good mic, comfy feel, and some sound, that's all.

    Here is what I have found so far:
    Corsair HS1 USB Connector Circumaural Headset

    Plantronics GameCom777 Gaming Headset

    AudioFX Pro 5+1 Force Feedback Gaming Headset

    Any of those worth it? And if not what would you suggest.
    Thank you.

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    Jul 2004

    Re: Headset with GOOD mic

    I've got the corsairs non usb and love em.
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    Re: Headset with GOOD mic

    Out of those choices I would go with Corsair.
    If it was me, I spend a little more and get these:
    PC 161 - Sennheiser USA
    I have the PC165's I do a lot of online gaming. Communicate with my friends via vent. Wear these for hours. No ear fatigue. Excellent mic.
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    Nov 2011

    Re: Headset with GOOD mic

    I've been on this search for awhile now and have been looking at the Corsair headset the most. Everything I have read suggests it's pretty good. Guess I'll be getting that one. Thanks guys.

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