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    Sep 2002

    A quick rundown on my first tablet experience

    Well, I have been using my Thrive daily since 12/25 and I am super pleased at my choice of first tablet.

    Previous to this I had never had so much as even a smart phone, so this whole business of "apps" is a new concept to me,
    so far I have found everything I could have wished for to customize my tablet to my liking.

    So far since day 1 I have left everything stock (no upgrading or rooting yet) and have found everything to work just like it should!!

    I purchased dvd cataylst a couple of days ago and used it to convert some of my movies, copied them to my sd card and they play
    excellent. I have been able to get all of my books from KOBO and find them much easier to read.. I have also copied a bunch of my mp3's
    for music on the go.

    I have purchased an extra power adapter, multi port hub, a portfolio case, an extra battery and AYL speakers and just waiting for my 32gb sdhc card to arrive.

    I tend to get about 8.5 hours on my battery and I use it thoughout the day.

    The textured back is nice and truly does give a better grip.

    And I absolutely love all of the ports.


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    Nov 2009

    Re: A quick rundown on my first tablet experience

    glad you like it dafan. was able to pick up a 200$ playbook a few weeks back myself. haven't tested it on the porno's yet but seems to be quite decent. would have gone with a thribe myself had they been blownout too, already own libretto and quite pleasant hawked.

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    Jul 2003
    Bogota, NJ

    Re: A quick rundown on my first tablet experience

    Cool Man,

    I truly think these form factors are going to be the end of computers as many of us old timers know them. I rarely use my desktops anymore, only for hardcore gaming. I have a nice laptop that games any thing but BF3.

    I recently also bought a playbook 64g. I had used an ipad and samsung tab before the purchase. The playbook rocks for 299. We will see about the os update next month but for web stuff it will be hard to go back.
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    Oct 2003
    Edmonton, Alberta

    Re: A quick rundown on my first tablet experience

    I use an Asus Transformer and I agree, the tablets are hard to beat regardless of the brand.

    I love the ability to just plop down in a chair (indoors or out) and be able to read or surf the net and not worry about the battery life.

    The fact that is a lot lighter than my laptop does not hurt either.
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    Dec 2000
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    Re: A quick rundown on my first tablet experience

    We find the same thing. The iPad is usually in the living room. Often while watching tv or a movie the pad comes out and we go to imdb for info on an actor, or a recipe. It is replacing the desktop, and even the laptop for surfing, email, etc.

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