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    Jan 2010

    Windows Firewall

    Hi everyone

    I have a Acer Extensa 5420 Windows Vista Home Premium running Bitdefender AntiVirus Plus 2012 and before ran Kaspersky and used Kaspersky's firewall.

    This bitdefender doesn't have a firewall so I must us Windows firewall, the problem is when boot up in any way Windows firewall doesn't start, I have to start it each time manually. In services firewall is set to auto, device manager driver set to demand, in MSCONFIG services firewall is checked. I am logged on as Adm but when I try to run command prompt sfc/scannow it doesn't let me, only the adm can run this service. I do not have a CD but should be getting one some time due to a settlement with Acer.

    How do I get the firewall to start at boot up?

    Thanks for any help
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    Jan 2010

    Re: Windows Firewall

    By chance I may have found the problem but not the cause. I am using WIFI and after starting up from hibernation without being able to connect to wifi, signal wasn't there the firewall was on. When the WIFI became available and connection was made the firewall turned off. So what would it be when WIFI becomes connected it turns off the Windows firewall?
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