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    Nov 2009
    Chicago Area

    Open Source Routers?

    I hope to get a good discussion about open source routers going. I didn't see anything (at least for the past 2 years) so hopefully there is some interest.

    I'm currently running Tomato on a Netgear 3500L and used to run a WRT-54G V1.1 with an older version of Tomato. I've tried DD-WRT but prefer Tomato and the bandwith monitoring, QoS and Access restriction setup.

    I've also been playing with an install of m0n0wall on a WatchGuard Firewall (rack mounted hardware firewall), Untangle and PfSense.

    My main issues I'm trying to solve are:

    1. Teenage boys in the house... Need better way to monitor and block certain traffic. Enough Said....

    2. The comcast 250GB bandwidth cap is a joke in the year 2012 but I've been over 6 times in the past year and I want a better way to not only monitor overall traffic but explicit traffic to/from certain locations. I have too many devices on my network and I want to know what they are up to.

    3. QoS. I had Vonage but dumped it for Ooma last year and love it. That being said, with Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon VOD and other things going on, I want to manage my Quality of Service better so I can keep phone audio quality great as well as solid HD streaming.

    Anyone else doing open source router software?

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    Mar 2010

    Re: Open Source Routers?

    100$ on ebay. pfsense router/firewall

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