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    Jan 2012

    Lightbulb EVGA SR-x dual LGA 2011 liquid cooled setup - Sugestion

    Hey guys, since EVGA's SR-X dual lga2011 socket mobo and Intel's Sandy-E bridge Xeon processors
    release is just around the corner, ive been thinking about upgrading my current rig to this new setup in order
    speed up my computing needs since im into digital film editing and effects creation, 3d design and rendering
    instead of buying 2 or 3 very expensive lga1366 Xeon (westmere) servers not to mention the amount of space
    and electricity it will consume, this new SR-x dual lga2011 socket setup is much cheaper and will help me a
    lot finish my designs a lot faster.

    Though im very knowledgeable in overclocking using traditional air cooling, i've been thinking seriously to
    moving this new setup im planning to water cooling so i could do some heavy overclocking in order to gain
    more processing power which i really really need specially when im rendering my 3d designs and creating
    and previewing digital effects using adobe's after effects.

    Below are the setup i have in mind, i already done some research on the components and brands ill be using
    BUT i cant seem to find which setup is best to maximize water flow in order to cool two heavily overclocked
    processors at the same time WHICH, we all know Xeon processors (even if its Sandy-E bridge based) runs
    a bit hotter than other Intel's non server models.

    -- Based from your experience and opinions, from the options below which is the best setup i could use
    in order to maximize my water cooling set up.

    The main components ill be using are:
    Radiator : Black Ice XFlow Extreme 3
    Reservoir : XSPC dual 5.25" bay
    Pump : Swiftech MCP655 1200lph
    Tubing : 1/2" size
    Case : Xigmatek Elysium

    Option 1

    Option 2

    Option 3

    -- The issue i have in Setup 1 and Setup 2 is, the water flowing from CPU 1 going to CPU 2, for sure the CPU 2 temps would surely
    be hotter or, it still the same? Since the water pump ill be using is a bit powerful the temperature of water from coming from
    CPU 1 is still cooler and can still cool the CPU 2 though with a slight temp increase?

    -- The issue i have in Option 3, though im using Y connector in order to equally distribute cooled water coming from the radiator
    to both CPU 1 and CPU 2 and using another Y connector going to the pump and back to the reservoir. Since i split the main tube going
    to the CPU 1 and CPU 2 the water flow might not be sufficient in order to cool the two CPUs at the same time? Or its just fine?

    -- So what do you think guys? Any help or suggestions will he highly appreciated.
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    Re: EVGA SR-x dual LGA 2011 liquid cooled setup - Sugestion

    Options 1 and 2 are your best bet, I'd avoid option 3 since splitting the flow creates more back-pressure. Option 1 may be the easiest from a tubing standpoint. I've heard that the second CPU can certainly get warmer, but I've seen people with 4-socket 12-core Opteron rigs that do 4 processors in a row on their water cooling loops. They claimed that the difference under 100% load was a couple degrees at most. In the case of a 4P, doing something like option 2 would probably be a lot more hassle than what you're talking about with only 2 sockets. Ultimately, there isn't any difference in hardware between option 1 and option 2, so you might want to get everything put together first and make your decision then. That way you can ascertain the other factors that affect a WC build like bend radii and available space. My guess is that kind of stuff will have more of a practical impact on your build than the differences in temperatures.

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