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Thread: help, please.

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    Nov 2003

    help, please.

    I have my old desktop with out WIFI. I would like to have a simple PC
    class for a load of seniors. I would like to get access to a WIFI so I can
    get on the net. I'll be about 300 yrds from my wireless/modem which is a
    Actiontec wireless modem/router. All I want to do is get on the internet
    to show folks different programs avail, as well as just get on the internet from
    far away. I'm running W7 Pro on my desktop which I want to use up at
    the club house to help these folks. Here's the old dinosaur gizmo I'm
    using. I'm stuck with Verizon so..

    Would something like this plugged into one of my USB ports find my old
    modem being so far away ?

    What do I need to get and how do I do this ?

    Any help or advise is always welcomed. So please respond..

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    Mar 2003

    Re: help, please.

    Hello No2,

    Obviously, it would be easier if you could just borrow someones laptop with wifi and see if your current network setup can be ' seen ' by the laptop.

    If it can, then that wireless USB NIC should be able to find it also.

    I was using wifi this way in my parents home for awhile when I lived in their basement.

    If the laptop cannot find your wifi then you may need a range extender -- I've heard good things about this Hawking

    Again, if the laptop you borrow can find your network, so should that USB Nic.

    Speed will depend solely on how good your connection to the router is. It wont be great for gaming thats for sure, which is what I had to do while I lived in parents basement.. lol~

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    Nov 2003

    Re: help, please.

    Thank you for your reply. Never thought about using a laptop to
    test. I have two. I'll try it and see what happens. I can use my big
    monitor for the folks it if it works.
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